Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This week in the Preschool room we have been talking about pets! We have been talking about breeders, veterinaries and just being an owner. We also discussed about our pets at home, and how we take care of them. It was adorable hearing stories about everyone's pets. Mia had brought in her hamster from home, the children were absolutely interested in seeing her hamster.  Mia was so happy that her friends were able to enjoy her pet.

The letter of the week is P. On Monday, I asked the children to tell me how many words they know that start with P, and they all came up with 16 words! I was very impressed! 

Each child made a fish bowl and through out the day they have to pretend to feed their fish and make sure they are all doing well. Today, Keller said one of his fish were not feeling well because he ate too much yesterday. This was so great to see the children using their imagination! 

This week has been going great and I am sure it will continue til Friday!

The rest of the week we will be graphing how many pets we have in our home, doing a pet sponge painting and on Friday going on a walk if weather permits.

Also, If you would like feel free to bring in any pet pictures you have so your child can share it with the class on Thursday or Friday! 

Enjoy the rest of the week! 


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