Monday, May 2, 2011

MONDAY MAY, 2, 2011

Hello Preschool families! This week we will be working on colors. Just like shapes, colors are all around us. In this theme we will be focusing on primary colors and making more colors by using red, blue, and yellow. We will be talking about and observing the colors in the food we eat.

At school
  • painting with food!
  • making a chart and using materials such as colored rice or pom poms and sorting them by color
  • graphing M&Ms
  • nature walk observing the colors we see
  • we will make a rainbow collage
  • observing how everyone has different colored skin, hair, and eyes.
  • reading stories about colors.
At home
  • you can observe the color of food while you are eating together.
  • Be sure to dress your child in the color of the day which is listed below
  • talk about how everyone has different color eyes, skin and hair.
Monday- Introduction to colors
Tuesday- Orange

Today we starting working on our color charts. The children had colored rice where they had to sort through and glue them on their personal color chart. We also enjoyed outside time. This afternoon we will be working on Mother's Day cards.

Enjoy making colorful discoveries with your child this week!

Ms. Christine

Toddler News

Welcome back to a wonderful Monday.  I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend.  This week we are learning about love and working on Mother's Day surprises.

This morning we enjoyed some outside time. The children of course went straight for the sandbox.  We all had fun playing and getting our energy out.

The children are going to be working hard on all our little surprises for our loving, wonderful, and caring mommy's.