Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Toddler News

Yea its a Sunny Day
Hello and good afternoon parents. So this week the children have been working on some Mothers Day surprises. They are all very excited about them and can't wait to share them with their mommies. Today is a beautiful day so we were out on the playground most of the morning. The children always get very excited when we go outside to play. They love playing with the other children in the center and all the different toys we have outside.

Later today we hope to read stories, finish some of the Mothers Day surprises,  and play with our cardboard blocks. The children can't get enough of these blocks they are a big hit. Yesterday the children and Ms. Jessica made a fort with the blocks and later yesterday Ms. Jessica stacked the blocks really high and then the children tried to stack them to see how high they could get them. It is a wonderful sight watching them watch me stack the blocks high up to the ceiling. You can just see the excitement in their eyes and when its falling the overwhelming shock and ohh no look like is that ok. We have been working on only knocking down their own blocks and not there friends blocks.

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