Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5th,2011

Today in the Pre School room, the children got to decide what they wanted to do today! The children really enjoyed planning out their day. It gave them the opportunity to have a little bit of independence and to see what the children really enjoy through out the normal routine of each day.

We started the day with circle time as normal. We read the story Spring has Sprung, and talked about the four seasons and how each of them are different.  We made a list of all the differences. Then the children decided their morning project should be making necklaces. We made them out of string and beads, we also made matching bracelets. After our morning project was finished we did some free play inside the classroom. Normally free play is about 30 minutes and today they only did 20 minutes of it, which  I was surprise they did not want to go longer.

Before lunch time, Keller said he wanted to go for a walk, and the whole classroom voted and we went for a walk. During our walk, we were watching for birds and squirrels.  We had counted 10 birds and 4 squirrels that we saw on our walk. We also talked about safety when crossing the road as a refresher.

In the afternoon we traced the letter P and came up with words that have P in it or that started with it. The children are really getting so good at knowing the sounds of letters. I was very impressed with how many words they came up with.

We finished up the day by playing outside. Some of the children were playing kick ball and some were playing house.

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