Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toddler News

Hello and good afternoon parents of the toddler room.  Early this morning the children had some free play time. They played puppets with Ms. Jessica.  The kids love to talk to the puppets and they also love to tickle Ms. Jessica with them or be tickled. Some of the children that weren't to fond of the puppets in the beginning are warming up to them. They also played with the kitchen and made lots of food for Ms. Tiffiney to eat.
(social skills and language)

For our project today, the children used the dot dabbers to color their Easter egg. They did a great job sharing and taking turns using the dotters. They turned out to be very colorful eggs that we will be hanging in the room to enjoy for this week and next week.
(fine motors)

Due to the beautiful day outside we spent a good hour out on the play ground. The sand box was open today and they loved it. Although when we came inside it seemed like they brought half of the sand box with them. But at least they had fun.
(sensory and gross motor)

Before lunch the children helped make their beds for nap today. They did a great job and we always encourage the children's independence.
(fine motor)

Later on this afternoon we hope to have story time. The stories we will be reading are
Jack and the Jellybeanstalk and Some Bunny Loves You. We also hope to play with colored shaving cream as our sensory for the day, play hide and seek as are movement, and sing Do your ears hang low for our music.
(language, listening, sensory, and music and moement)

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