Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today in the Preschool room we started out with circle time reading the story Sloppy Joe. This story was very funny as it talked about a little boy who was always sloppy. We talked about how cleaning up after ourselves makes us not sloppy. The children enjoyed this story and wanted me to read it again, so we did! 

Payton and Mia working hard!

After circle time our morning project was making baby puppets out of paper bags. We had tiny paper bags and decorated them as if they were just babies. 
Then the children wanted to make mommy puppets for the babies so we did. The children spent most of the morning making these.

We also had a cut out of the letter P where the children had to cut out all the words that start with P and glued the words on. This was great for letter recognition and fine motor skills. 

After we were all finished up with our projects we went for a walk outside where we saw a yellow race car! The children were mesmerized by this race car. We finished up our walk and sat down for lunch which was goulash and pears. Mrs. Michelle told them to find the treasure which was golden corn in the goulash. The children become very excited and ate their lunch well! 

During nap time Mrs. Michelle and Mia were being very silly together!

In the afternoon we will be working on our first and last names and going outside. 

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