Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Today in the Preschool room we made egg salad for lunch. Food, cooking and healthy eating is great to teach Preschoolers. This offers opportunities to work on counting, color reconition, shapes as well as fine and gross motors. The cooking activites we have been doing is going over great as they love to be little helpers and learning how to make simple meals. It is important to teach the children at a young age about nutrtion.
Mason working hard on smashing the eggs!

After our cooking project the children are able to pick what center they want to play in. Mason and Keller picked the block area where they can build trains and make train tracks together. It is nice to see them working together.  

Arwen wanted to play school. She was practicing writing words in spanish and teaching others how to write them as well.

This afternoon we hope to go outside and play. We will also be coloring eggs and working some more on letter sounds. I do hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Next week we will be talking about Easter and celebrating Earth day!

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